AMI Smart meter

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New & Existing Sectional Title Properties, Body Corporates, Landlords and Managing Agents.

Gem Meter


With the world changing to new and improved technology, the Smart AMI Meter integration is one of the most advanced options with as the world gets exposed to newer technologies the demand for electrical energy, managing power transmission and distribution has become one of the most difficult challenges. With the implementation of smart grids come new challenges in delivering electrical power to those that need and to meet the growing demands of changing infrastructure. To cope and provide a solution to this problem a smart solution will need to be implemented on new and existing building infrastructures with bidirectional communication. This allows you to monitor the meters and adjust functionality remotely.

Forget the conventional idea of a utilities grid. A smart grid can be thought of as flexible bi-directional operating infrastructure. This is why they are called the Smart Grid with integrated Smart Meters. The Smart Grid is characterised by bidirectional communication among all relevant users of the energy conversion chain. The result is a participatory network in which consumers, utilities, and service providers share responsibilities and benefits. Although in South Africa reselling into the grid is not an option for the end user or consumer, it might be an option in the future.

The benefits for a smart metering system are mutual: Consumers can monitor and optimise their energy consumption based upon the real-time price of energy and individual needs. Management companies have at their immediate disposal the information they need to keep the power supply in line with actual demand, which enables precise customer analysis and segmentation. It provides detailed reporting via bidirectional communication.

Consumers will have exact billing based on their tariffs and accurate information on the amount of electricity, water and gas actually being used. They will also be able to see in real-time what their consumption is and that helps monitor and optimise their budgeting. There will be substantial savings in automated customer processes and faster problem resolution for both the reseller and the consumer.

So when we do have access to smart grids which will soon be upon us or to help the load on existing grids a smart meter will do more than just provide your utilities. With our integrated system we also provide a Mobile APP to allow the customer to monitor their usage on a real-time basis. These meter are available in single phase and three phase options.

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