Please note:
From the 1st of July 2020 there will be an annual tariff increase.
For more details check out Annual Electricity Tariff Increase 2020/21, or visit the Eskom website.
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What we offer

XPressPrepaid offers a comprehensive prepaid solution for all types of meters. These include:

- Prepaid electricity meters
- Prepaid water meters
- Prepaid gas meters

Our solution also includes a wide range of added services giving you peace of mind. These include:

- Meter installation
- Site inspection
- Vending management
- Technical support
Get a free quote for a prepaid meter

Meter installations are done from as little as R850. Give us a call right now or click here for a free quote!

Our markets & customers

We offer our services to all kinds of developments including residential and commercial estates, student and hospitality accommodation, outbuildings and even self-storage, camping and sports facilities.

In terms of customers we consider any property stakeholder to be future client. These include property owners and investors, developers and management agents, housing managers, farmers, resellers and many more...

If you fall into any of those categories and require a prepaid meter of any sort please don't hesitate to contact us now!

Additional services & features

As part of our comprehensive solution XPressPrepaid also offers a host of additional services for you to choose from:

- Maintenance management
- User management
- Arrears collection
- Tariff management
- Meter management

Other additional value added features are also available:

- Customer management
- Account management
- Consumer management
- Vendor management
- Tariff management
- Contact management

Recharge now

XPressPrepaid makes it convenient and easy to recharge your prepaid electricity meter online anywhere, at any time. Follow any of the links to find out more or recharge now.


This applies to private residences with a Tshwane Municipality Account. We will be able to assist with the process to obtain a Tshwane Municipality prepaid meter with all applications, registrations and installations. Please contact us to obtain the necessary details on what we require to start the process.

We are however also able to help with the installation of prepaid submeters, which include prepaid submeters for your outbuilding, cottage, servants quarters etc. Contact us now to find out more.
Tshwane Tarriffs for prepaid electricity