Prepaid water meters

XPressPrepaid offers prepaid water meter solutions for brand new social development projects or alternatively the retrofitting of existing properties. For E.g. Sectional Title Developments, Home Owners Associations, Landlords, Rental Agents and any gas connection which is not directly with the municipality. The needs to protect against outstanding invoices and arrears billing, the prepaid option of the water meter ensure that the body corporate or landlord has no more outstanding accounts.

Gem Meter

Suitable for

New & Existing Sectional Title Properties, Body Corporates, Landlords and Managing Agents.


Typical water meters are mechanical flow meters. Commonly used meters are piston meters, also known as rotary piston or semi-positive displacement meters. The piston meter operates on the principle of a piston rotating within a chamber of known volume. For each rotation, a count for the amount of liquid is computed.

The prepaid water meter is installed before the stop valve leading to the house but after the municipality analogue water meter. The water meters can be installed on the incoming line of multiple dwellings on the same property to ensure each dwelling pays for their own consumption.

Various prepaid water meter are available depending on the nominal bore (NB). NB (nominal bore) also refers to Nominal Pipe Size (NPS). The Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) is a North American set of standard sizes for pipes used for high or low pressures and temperatures also indicating the required wall thickness.

The European designation equivalent to NPS is DN (nominal diameter) in which pipe sizes are measured in millimetres. Based on the pipe size, the outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness can is obtained by use of reference tables. Please see to find out more.

Typical features
  • Nominal Bore (mm): Available in: 15,20,25
  • Maximum flux (m3/h): Available in: 3, 5 or 7
  • Water Temperature: 0-40C
  • Working pressure: below 0.1MPa
  • Mechanical Counters (m3) upto 9999.9999
  • LCD Display
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