Keychange - Transfer your meter

KEYCHANGES (on an existing prepaid meter installation)

If existing prepaid meters are installed in the sectional title complex units, commercial buildings or houses, XPressPrepaid can submit keychange codes on the meters to convert the prepaid meter over to our software solution and take over the management of the prepaid meters.

This is done through the STS protocols which allows prepaid meters to be transferred between prepaid solution providers. The existing meters will remain the property of the body corporate/HOA.

Additional prepaid meters

Where additional prepaid meters are required, we can install for a minimal amount.

The Keychange process

After the meters numbers and keychange code is supplied from the current prepaid company, we import the data to our system, create the additional keychange codes required and enter the keychange codes into the prepaid meter.

Once this process is complete, the meters will be fully functional and ready to be recharged with new tokens from our system.

Existing credit

The existing credit loaded onto the prepaid meter will not be lost, all remaining credit/units will remain on the prepaid meter.

Cost of process

We will undertake this process free of charge. Once the meters numbers and keychange codes have been received from the current prepaid company, XPressPrepaid will undertake to complete the whole process from there.

It's that easy! Why not move your meters today?

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