Gem Lite

Residential and Commercial Estates, Student and Staff, Hospitality Accommodation, Outbuildings, Self-Storage, Camping and Sports Facilities

Gem Lite Meter

For new installations the meter can be installed inside the secondary homes and rental properties, making it accessible for the consumer to enter in a credit token.

The Gem Lite is a single phase, two wire, 80 Amp, STS keypad prepayment meter in a compact British Standard housing, conformance to internationally standards such as IEC62055-31.

The meter has specifically been developed to provide utilities with a quality, low cost, highly reliable STS keypad prepayment metering solution.


Gem Lite is a compact single phase, two wire, 80 Amp, STS keypad prepayment meter in a British Standard (BS) housing.

The meter is suitable for new installations or retrofitting of existing bottom connected electromechanical or electronic watt-hour meters.

The meter is easy to install and boasts an easy to read, language independent Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and a wide range of information registers which can be easily accessed by pressing the information button on the keypad and then entering the number of the register. (Refer to the User Guide for more information.)

The meter operates on Landis+Gyr’s version 12.3 meter firmware, and therefore provides only for STS prepayment functionality mode.

  • Single phase, two wire, keypad prepayment meter
  • Proven keypad technology
  • Maximum current: 80 Amps
  • Compact meter in BS format
  • Meter fitted with LCD and a keypad
  • Clear language independent icons on the display and membrane of the meter
  • Clear load switch status indicator
  • Scrolling display for 11 digit STS meter serial number
  • Displays last 50 vouchers entered. (Displays the 20 digit STS voucher and the date and time of the voucher)
  • Mechanically sealed against tampering
  • Significant Reverse Energy detection
  • Programmable software power limit
  • Advanced decommissioning and commissioning feature for easy installation process
  • Tamper detection facility
  • Meter enclosure manufactured with UV stable, flame-retardant plastic material
  • Degree of protection, IP54
  • Improved sealing against ingress of insects
  • Supports short codes (refer to user guide)
  • Conforms to IEC62055-31 Exceeds IEC62055-31 requirements for voltage Impulse withstand
  • Fully STS compliant (IEC62055-41/51)
Tamper Detection Facility

Gem Lite is mechanically sealed against tampering through the use of a factory sealed screw plug on the rear panel and a utility sealed wire seal on the front of the meter. The use of these mechanical seals ensures that there are visible signs of tampering if unauthorised entry to the system is attempted.

In addition, the meter is equipped with a tamper sensor that will automatically disconnect the power to the load in the event of tampering.

The meter includes a Significant Reverse Energy (SRE) detection feature. If the line and load wires are swapped during installation, the meter will continue to operate and decrement credit, however, the meter can be factory-programmed to tamper and disconnect the load should SRE be detected.

Virtual Token Carrier (VTC) port

The Gem Lite is fitted with an industry standard VTC port at the rear of the meter. While this port is typically used to program the meter during the manufacturing process, it can also be used to extract vital meter information, such as remaining credit.

Surge Immunity

The meter exceeds the IEC62055-31 Voltage Impulse Withstand of 4kV.